Tuesday, March 18, 2008

What is The Saxon Institute?

The Saxon Institute is the fruition of my twenty-five years of trading experience as well as experience of how the industry works.

What I mean is – as in every profession – there is the basic information and knowledge that my experience has profited me and I hope to present, through the Institute, that body of experience in an organized manner.

I have decided to make The Saxon Institute a web based platform for the purpose of being informational and educational to traders specifically.

The Web Site is in production now and has been for some time. It will be published to the web soon. I take my work seriously and wish it to be beneficial to all traders of equity indexes and index options.

The Web site will be a work in progress for 2008 and will develop quickly as original content is added daily.

Stay tuned, the announcement will be made on this FB 2.0 Trade blog.

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