Monday, March 10, 2008

FB 2.0 Trade Emini / SP500 How Others Use It

How the FB 2.0 is used by Others.

From Comments and Emails, we find that others use the FB 2.0 in different ways during their trading day. Below are some of the ways that we found interesting and may help others.

Buy and Sell Entries:

“I use the buy and sell entries that are posted; but I wait for a use the BE2 and SE2 for my first entry of the day. It get less trades a day, but that is fine with me.”

Increasing Scale:

“After watching the Fishbone for weeks on a daily basis, I changed it a bit to what I thought would be better for profits, What I do is buy 1 on BE1, then 2 on BE2, and 3 on BE3. This gives me a maximum position of 6 on the day and I find my buy average much better. I will email you with my results”


“Thank you for posting the buy and sell levels. Although I have not traded the FB the way it is designed, I do use it daily. I have my own system and like to check your levels too. It is interesting; whenever we are on the same side and at the same level for entering the market… it is a good percentage trade. I go to your sight for confirmation of my numbers and it helps give me confidence in my trading.”

Exits strategy:

“The Fishbone has enhanced my trading. It is fascinating how the levels that picked during the day are market tops and bottoms. In my position, if I want to exit, I wait for one of your trigger points. It helps me stay in a good trade and catch the tops and bottoms of intra-day waves.”

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