Sunday, March 9, 2008

FB 2.0 Trade Emini / SP500 Acronyms and Codes

Acronyms for FB 2.0 Trade.

BE1 - buy entry one
BE2 - buy entry two
BE3 - buy entry three
BA12 - buy average of BE1 and BE2
BA123 - buy average of BE1, BE2, and BE3
BF - buy to get flat

SE1 - sell entry one
SE2 - sell entry two
SE3 - sell entry three
SA12 - sell average of SE1 and SE2
SA123 - sell average of SE1, SE2, and SE3
SF - sell to get flat.

BS - buy stop
SS - sell stop

Color codes for the End of Day Chart:

SE – Red,

BE – Green’

BF and SF – White,

BS and SS - Black

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