Friday, January 18, 2008

Closing position

Close out Position at 4:15 or SS at 1328.00

SF1 NOW Filled

SF1 filled 1330.00

SF2 1338.00

BE2 1315.25

Posting error...

The below post was posted in error.

We were not filled at 1330.00, 1329.75 was the high at that time.

SF1 Filled

SF1 filled 1330.00

SF2 1338.00

BE2 1315.25

BE2 Filled New SF1 and SF2

BE2 Filled 1323.25

BA12 1327.556

SF1 1330.00

SF2 1338.50

No BE3 at this time.

New BE2

New BE2 1323.25

SF2 Filled

SF2 filled 1333.75

SF3 1339.50

Long 1 with no BE or SE at this time

SF1 Filled New SF2

SF1 filled 1326.00

SF2 1333.75

SS canceled

SF1 lowered

SF1 Lowered to 1326.00

BE3 Filled New SS and SF1

BE3 Filled 1325.25

BE123 1331.863

SS 1315.25

New SF1 1332.00

New BE3

New BE3 1325.25

SF1 Filled

SF1 filled 1332.75

SF2 1439.75

SS canceled

BE3 filled New SS and SF1

1328.25 BE3 Filled

BA123 1335.166

SS 1318.25

SF1 1332.75

Filled BE2 New BE3 and NewSF1

Filled BE2 1335.00

BE12 1338.00

BE3 1328.25

SF1 1340.75
SF2 1345.50

Filled BE1 New BE2 and SF1

Filled BE1 1342.25

New BE2 1335.00

New SF1 1348.00

New BE1 and SE1

New BE1 1342.25

New SE1 1355.75

SF Filled

SF Filled 1350.00

New BE1 1336.25

New SE1 1356.75

BE1 Filled New BE2 and SF1

BE1 Filled 1342.25

New BE2 1336.25

SF1 1350.00

BE1 and SE1

Be1 1344.25 - 1360.75 SE1

Good Morning

Thank you for all the feedback yesterday. I will work on your suggestions over the weekend and make changes effective on Monday.

"No matter what the models say, traders are not machines guided by silicon chips; they are impressionable and imitative; they run in flocks and retreat in hordes." - Roger Lowenstein