Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Good Morning Emini / SP500

Today we enter the day flat (no position). Working orders will be posted shortly after the open.

Position: 0

Working Orders: 0


Yesterday I had the opportunity to explain what The Saxon Institute is. Today I wish to tell more about myself. It is the most common question I get on from the FB 2.0 Blog through emails.

Who is J Barlow Smith?

I am the owner and developer of The Saxon Institute.

My experience as a professional trader spans the last 25 years. When I look back at my past in the industry, I can label three stages that I went through:

1. Floor Trader (1982 -1994) Member of the Chicago Board of Trade

2. Head Trader (1994 – 2005) Money Management.

3. Proprietary Trader (2005 – Present) Trading Privately.

I will take the time to explain more about the above stages of my career throughout today.

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