Tuesday, March 18, 2008

42% return in 45 days as Traffic and Interest Spike

Dear Reader,

While we await the FED this afternoon, I am going to take this opportunity to thank all my viewers.

When I started to record and document the FB 2.0 Trade, it was intended to be for a few that were interested in knowing the buy and sell levels real-time.

After being up over 18% in February, and now up more than 25% month -to-date in March, the traffic (people stopping by the Blog) has increased dramatically and constantly. Everyday we have more visitors than the day before - excluding weekends.

Apparently there is a an interest in making 43% on your money in a month and a half.

I have always been a professional trader and handy with computers; but this blogging thing is new to me and many said I should have a website. Really I began this blog as a lark and used one of my trading vehicles the FB 2.0 (Dubbed the Fishbone by users) as the shell around which to become proficient at blogging. But it has turned into something different and (in a word) exciting for me. So I appreciate the emails and comments.

And again thanks to all of you that are making my blogging experience enjoyable.

(By the way, I hope the entry levels have been helpful to you.)

I will be back today with further posts.


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