Friday, May 9, 2008

Posts and Emails

Dear Readers,

Many of you take the time to email me and a few (very few) post to this Blog.

I must have struck a nerve yesterday when I stated the obvious ( the definition of a Bull market and adding and subtracting to see if the market was up or down).

The Bulls are clearly angry, frightened, and on edge. They emailed me in droves yesterday and last night.

Thank you for all the emails. I will address the angry ones this afternoon... it is important to know why traders get emotional and how it effects their trading.

Happy Trading


1 comment:

LiggerPig said...

Do you think it actually matters whether the primary trend is up or down?

Seems to me bulls will have been upset by your choice of timeframe.
Surely it's good for traders to not get angry but consider why it is neccesary they're proved right?

FWIW, I think the bulls get their chance to shine this week. Let's hope they can overcome their emotions to trade profitably.