Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I Have a Stalker

It's official. There is no doubt, I have now reached celebrity status. I have a cyber STALKER.

He goes by the name of Karma and he lives somewhere in Canada. Other things I know about Karma:

He is furious that I block his comments to the Blog.

He emails me daily.

He is always bullish.

He has difficulty with math.

He craves attention (sorry I emailed him back now).

He is mad at the girl at the local diner for refusing to go out with him (don't ask how I know that).

He always ends his email with "Cherri o".

Visitors are always welcome here and I hope that the information displayed is useful and helpful. Many come here daily and have subscribed, to get the latest trade levels. I encourage emails and comments. It is harassment and stalking that I find bothersome.

Please use this Blog for your benefit and stop by often.


I am thinking about exploiting my new found celebrity status. Any Ideas?

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Nicole said...

Only return every third email and be vague. Keep saying you are busy... In response to celebrityness, if I were you I'd have some questionable photos "leaked" online slowly over the course of the next year. You know, keep the buzz going ;^)

Created by: J. Barlow Smith said...

Thanks for the advice Nicole. I think Karma is mad at me... no email today...yet.

tom said...

Wear dark glasses whenever you enter e-mini trades and have your landscaper release a sex tape you deny you made.

Created by: J. Barlow Smith said...

Hi Tom,

Thanks for the advice. Will do.

This Celebrity thing is really easy.

Karma is making me a star!


Jim L said...

Maybe he hasn't e-mailed you today because he's on the road to your house?

Created by: J. Barlow Smith said...

Hi Jim,

I never thought of that. Scary.

Let's hope Karma emails me now (never thought I would say that).


THEBULL said...

I think that I saw your guy this morning at the local mini-mart (he was ahe of me and I overheard him) demanding to buy e-minis. I wanted to tell him it is not the place for that (the cashier had no idea what an e-mini is) but as i drew closer I heard him mumbling:

"E-minis are a good BUY! Good Bye house ... good bye wife ..."

On and on he went.

Minutes later I saw him race out (if you can call "peddle to the metal" to an overpack 1972 red Ford Pinto racing) and down the road.

He was headed east.


Created by: J. Barlow Smith said...


Thanks for the heads up. Someone else thought they saw him too.

He spotted in Madison Wisconsin, in an Elvis costume.

This Celebrity stuff is exhausting and exciting; at the same time.