Thursday, May 8, 2008

5.08.08 4.15 Settlement

Trade Date:



Position Time Type Price Average Price Type P/L

-1 9:30

1395.00 Close
0 10:44 BF1 1391.25

-1 1:55

1402.75 SE1
0 2:27 BF1 1396.25


3.80% $512.50


Today's P/L is $512.50; for a 3.80% gain.

We entered the day short (-1).

We bought 2 and sold 1 intra-day.

We conclude the day flat (0 position).


joe said...

I thought you only update on Wednesdays

Hmm... weird

Created by: J. Barlow Smith said...

Hi Joe,

The posts are daily. Settlement Posts may be delayed for time restraints.. but are posted as soon as possible.

Check for timing of posts on left sidebar.

Happy trading,


Wall Street said...

What strategy are you using to achieve these results. Do you use set mechanical rules or my discretionary style trades?

Wall Street said...

Sorry JB my comment should read:

Do you use set mechanical rules or more discretionary style trades?

Created by: J. Barlow Smith said...

Hi Wall Street,

The FB 2.0 Trade uses proprietary signals developed by The Saxon Institute.

The trade is published here in its lowest level... static version. It is intended as a guide.

Fb 2.0 is dynamic; the buy and sell levels change constantly with price and time. It would be impossible and confusing for the reader to adjust so quickly.