Friday, April 11, 2008

Traffic - 10,000 Visits!

Sitemeter, works similar to a checking account; they do not start at zero. The first visitor was number 1001. So today, we actually had our 10,000th visitor when we reached 11,000.

I never thought we would have 10,000 visits in such a short time. Admittedly, this is truly amazing and surprising. This FB 2.0 Blog was originally for a few trader friends that wanted my buy and sell levels. It took off (the internet as it is) on its own.

Blogging became very interesting to me. I found I enjoyed it - helping other traders and teaching can be a very rewarding experience.

In the past two months I have met so many new friends and had the chance to have some great conversations with traders.

Travel along with me as I learn more about this Blogging World.




I will be available for chat at 12:00 Noon EST Today.

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Offgrid said...

Congratulations - 10,000 is a nice number - is that 10,000/month ? I enjoy reading your blog and will recommend to others.