Monday, April 14, 2008

Thank You

I just wanted to thank Jay, from California. As most of you know, I am a trader and my blogging skills are amateur at best. It is Jay that is a pro-blogger and he has been assisting me in making this FB 2.0 Blog better every day.

During a conversation this weekend, Jay informed me that traffic in the blogosphere can increase quite rapidly and I must prepare for this inevitable event.


For those of you that are regular visitors, please take a few seconds and subscribe (I have added a link on the left side bar... and it is free) so that you will be recognized as a regular visitor. Anyone that subscribes will always be invited to see and track the the FB 2.0 trade real-time in the future.


Jay also suggested I have a donate button (also on the side bar). He originally did it to buy me a bottle of wine ($25.00) in celebration of our 10,000th visitor last Friday.

If this Blog has assisted you in your trading and you wish to show your gratitude... make a donation. It would be greatly appreciated.

All donations will go into improving this FB 2.0 Blog and those that contribute will always be part of The Saxon Institute's favorite guests.


Again, Thank you all for making this blogging experience so rewarding and please continue to stop by and watch as we grow together.



Hieronymus said...

barlow, you didn't mention the me.

i donated the "wine" didn't you get the donation i sent?


Created by: J. Barlow Smith said...

Hi TheBull,

I have not checked yet. But thank you very much for your support.

Thinking about having a list on the site of "Supporters"

I will have Name and Location.

If I put TheBull, what location should I use?


Hieronymus said...

so you haven't checked? then should i be slowwwwwwwwwer in donating?

but i don't want to be a "supporter" sounds too much like a jock sniffer.......can i be a.....a Dr. Watson to your Sherlock Holmes instead?

just a thought.

and locate me...let me get back to you on that one (frankly i have to ask the wife's permission!)


Created by: J. Barlow Smith said...

Hi TheBull,

Ok...we can call it something else. Let me give it some thought.

I will think of a better name and you can talk to your wife.


(Don't tell your wife you trade. If you lose money...she will berate you; if you make money...she will want half)

Thanks again,