Friday, March 28, 2008

New Working Orders

Position: 1
1330.250 close

Working Orders:

Type Price
Price Type
BE2 1327.25
1342.75 SF1


LTinvesting said...

Hi Barlow im curious as to how you trade. Your order means you have a pre set buying price of 1327 right? and a sell price of 1345 so what happens if the market doesn't hit your 1345 to sell ? do you just sell at whatever it closes at or what? thanks for your mussings btw.

Created by: J. Barlow Smith said...

Hi LT,

The FB 2.0 never has more than 3 long or short (that is the max position for this trade.)

The first line indicates the position.

The working orders are just that; where the next buy or sell price level is.

In this case, if the buy is triggered we sill be long 2 and if the sell is triggered we will be flat.

We may or may not sell at the close. But if we do, there will be a post at 3:50 EST that will indicate closing orders (if there are any).